Anschutz 1761 APR Single Stage Heavy Barrell 1/2x28 UNEF .22L.R

Calibre: .22
Sale price€2.400,00



Make: Anschutz

Model: 1761 APR Single Stage Trigger Heavy Barrell 1/2x28 UNEF Thread

Type: Bolt Action

Calibre: .22 L.R

Condition: New

Threaded: Yes

Stock: MDT XRS

Barrel length: 21 inches

Magazine: 10 Shot

Ref: F3221 F3222 F3226 F3227

Guns with Ref letter F are located in Mullingar.

Guns with Ref letter G are located in Ballymahon.

However, with 24 hours notice we can have any gun transported to either location for viewing.

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