Fiocchi Black 12g Trap Shells

Option one: Box
Size: 7.5
Gram: 24
Sale price€9,50



More experienced shooters, who like to use a product with superior characteristics, choose F line. The wad, also used for the Official range with 5% antimony selected lead shot, provides superior performance compared to other type 3 cartridges in the market. They are available in different weights and sizes of lead shot with loadings optimized for various disciplines: trap, skeet, double trap, sporting and compak sporting. 


We can only deliver 2- slabs (500 shells) at a time due to weight restrictions. 

Deliver is free on first 500 and charged at €15 for each 500 after that.

If you require 4-slabs (1,000 shells) please call the store to arrange.

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