Hornady .308 - 168 gr ELD Match

Calibre: .308
Sale price€65,00


Hornady .308 WIN 168 gr ELD Match

Box quantity - 20 rounds.

Hornady always exerts nonpareil quality control over their components, but the Nebraskan manufacturer manages to kick that into overdrive when they set about making a Match round. This 308 Win cartridge has been crafted with tolerances so tight that they’d not be out of place on the space shuttle, and its brass casing’s uniformity, propellant’s consistency, and primer’s reliability all lend themselves to spot-on match grade accuracy. Even this bullet’s seating has been seen to with exceptional care.

This round is not seated with just any bullet, mind you -- it’s a 168 grain ELD Match, which bears an AMP jacket that is virtually unspoiled by any deviation in its concentricity. The AMP jacket is drawn over a lead core that has been swaged to give it exceptional balance and uniformity. The ELD Match’s uncompromising accuracy is further bolstered by its ballistically efficient boat tail design and secant ogive profile. Finally, the bullet’s Heat Shield tip ensures that its meplat will never deform when confronted with fantastic air friction. If you want to give your 308 Win picture perfect accuracy, this round squarely the means to do so.

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